Safety & Consent

The foundation of our work is based on the Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin – a foundational tool for all human relating. We offer a safe space where you are in charge of your experience.


All of our sessions are confidential. We create a space for you to feel accepted and comfortable. We promote authenticity, truth and always welcome the whole you, just as you are.

Desires & Limits

Whether you are participating in a one-on-one session, a workshop or something else, you will have many opportunities to identify desires and personal limits and practice communicating them.

Who We Are

What Others Are Saying

"I’ve seen Matt and Robyn create a completely relaxed, safe space within minutes. They express and encourage people to be completely themselves and take care of their needs. They live it themselves as well when they teach or facilitate a workshop, which makes it very natural and easy for the participants to do so as well."

- Workshop Participant, Amsterdam, Holland